Our Donation Target for 2018: $775,000

Resilient, Biblically-Rooted Families

Kids & Youth Ministry - $200,000 will support a teaching-focused children and youth program that reaches over 1,800 children and youth each summer. Your investment allows us to hire and train a quality team of leaders who care and model the life of Christ to these children and youth.

Bible Teaching Ministry - $225,000 ensures that our Bible teaching and worship of God in all of our summer and non-summer programming is built on a clear exposition of the Gospel. We offer the equivalent of 2 years of Sunday services packed into one summer, PLUS various retreats throughout the year. We have seen the truth fulfilled that the Word of God accomplishes its purpose.

Transformed Youth

$120,000 will support our Stepping Stones Youth Discipleship experience that intentionally impacts over 110 youth each year who are grounded in Biblical truth while also serving our guests in various capacities.

Camp Widjiitiwin IGNITE Program

$205,000. MBC (parent organization) sees the tremendous Kingdom value that comes when youth from marginalized communities are given a chance to attend a week of Christ centred camp. Each gift of $475 to the Foundation will be matched by Muskoka Bible Centre to sponsor one camper to come to camp, supporting more than 300 campers from 5 different communities in Guelph, Toronto and Hamilton each summer.

Learn more about the Ignite Program

Special Projects 2018

The Muskoka Bible Foundation we are also working on raising funds for some projects that are over and above our annual donation targets. These represent strategic projects that will propel us forward in our future vision for ministry.

Project 1 - The BEAhive

This consists of building an amazing 'sensory' room in our children's ministry centre to help us more effectively engage with our young guests who have special needs. 'Bea' was a guest who immensely enjoyed the Kids Min program for many years until she went to be with Jesus in heaven in 2016. This special place will always remind us to take special care of those who are most vulnerable in our midst. Our need to complete this project is $20,000. We are hoping to finish it by early 2019.

Project 2 - The Chapel & Family Ministry Centre

The Memorial Chapel and our resource centre (bookstore) are the two areas of our facility that have not enjoyed the 'facelift' that has taken place in the last 10 years. So the time is right to bring these areas of ministry focus into the modern age, including some new technology that will broaden the reach of our teaching ministry as well as new layout design and chairs to allow for more diversity of meeting spaces. Our total need is just under $300,000. We have just received a 'matching' gift of $100,000 meaning that the first $100,000 given will be matched for a total of $200,000. Our goal is to have this raised by October 2018 so we can begin the project in late 2018.

Project 3 - The Debt Demolition!

We are so close to eradicating the debt that has burdened MBC for so long. In 2009 we had just over $5.3 million in debt. At the end of 2017 that dipped below $1 million to sit at $950,000! This is an amazing story of God's consistent provision through His generous people and wisdom in being good stewards of the resources God has given us here at MBC. Please contact John Friesen for more information on how you can help us reduce this debt to ZERO by end 2020!

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